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Publicado em 15 de Fevereiro de 2021
The Organized Forest Based Sector has as main objective the sustainability of the activity in all cycles of native wood.


In short, it is looking at the past and projecting the future of production, respectfully using native wood with the feeling of accomplishment and the certainty that we are on the right path, even though we fa


And even under doubts and questions from “outsiders”, remain firm about the great objective of this economic, social and sustainable segment.


Mato Grosso and the direction of its actions towards the conservation of its forests, led by the organization of the forest base has become a reference and, more than that, of unparalleled actions and increasingly an expressive and important model for other states, perhaps, countries.


For being part of building a better life and promoting improvements in a sector so important for the planet, especially for this nation,

The feeling that remains is one: Gratitude!


Gratitude for integrating this segment that starts with the conservation of forests through Sustainable Forest Management and carefully follows a whole chain of generation of jobs, income and foreign exchange, from workers to the great responsibility of state fundraising a continental state like Mato Grosso!


Gratitude for participating in an economic sector that promotes development based on a sensational, natural, renewable product: native wood!


I am grateful to be able to develop my role in society, inserted in this segment that has the main focus on sustainability, therefore, on the continuity of all activities. In particular, that of civil construction, responsible for promoting from development, to sheltering people and beautification of urban environments.


This same activity is responsible for promoting carbon sequestration and climate regulation.

It is this same gratitude that leads me to persevere in favor of the forest economy and against illegality, corruption, untruths and so much as it can hurt this organization.

Finally, gratitude!


Valdinei Bento dos Santos

Executive Director of CIPEM